Quoddy Boat Moc
Quoddy Blutcher
Quoddy Canoe Moc
Quoddy Chukka
Quoddy Maliseet Oxford
Quoddy Grizzly Boat
Quoddy Grizzly Boat Handswen Crepe Sole

Made By Hand
Quoddy footwear is made by hand in Maine. The art of handsewing shoes goes back hundreds of years in Maine, and generations for many craftspeople at Quoddy. Moccasins represent a specific approach to shoemaking; a footwear philosophy and a construction technique. Quite simply, Quoddy’s method of moccasin construction creates a shoe that functions as a glove for your foot. It surrounds your foot in supple leather, and allows your foot muscles, bones, and tendons to support you naturally as they were intended to do, while offering protection, cushioning, and style. Every Quoddy is made-to-order by an individual craftsperson. Quoddy harkens back to the time when hand-made was the norm, when output was measured in dozens, not thousands.

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