The very first time I got in contact with Museum, was @ the Premium Fashion Fair a few weeks ago. I met the guys from Museum and they were so nice to sent me some samples of the SS 2013 collection. And today I had the pleasure of shooting the products. My favorite is the camouflage coat, made from Multicam fabric used in military circles for it's perfect camouflage performance. The collection of Museum is based on 3 themes, the first is called Antarctica, the second theme is called Fiumi e Foreste (Rivers and Forests) this theme is inspired by American workwear reinterpreted in an urban/functional key. Like the "Work jkt" in Chambray with yellow details. Ground field is the third theme and the most military of the three, inspired by the Marines. For the very first time Museum offers also a range of chino's. I like the orange details on them. Wish it was already summer 2013.......

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