Thanks to the team of Dolbeau I received my Fast Eddie tie in time for the Bread & Butter, Berlin.

Eddie Akau was Hawaii’s pioneer of big wave surfing. Now I'am a fearless pioneer of the next big wave in neckwear: flat tipped, Hawaiian print goodness.

Prints, especially Hawaiian prints, are very big this summer. You know those loud Hawaiian shirts favoured by oversized, buffet-crushing, middle-American cruise ship passengers? These ties are not for them. They’re for you. Think less “Tommy Bahama” and more “Thomas Magnum, P.I.” Prints of luau girls, outrigger boats, hibiscus flowers - square-bottomed and printed by a renowned Japanese print company, Dolbeau’s Hawaiian print ties are a perfect complement to your summery, casual getup. Actually if anyone  should ask where you found your Hawaiian print tie, you could certainly give us a shout-out, but you could also tell them you won a swath of Magnum P.I.’s shirt in an arm-wrestling contest. It would make a great story, and that Magnum needs to be cut down a few notches anyway.

I shameless copied the text from the Dolbeau site, because I couldn't agree more ;-)

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