Vancouver, Canada...Poeh what can I tell you about the city of Vancouver? It's named after a Dutch family called Van Coevorden. It's also called Rain City, and the birth place of Brian Adams. My first impression wasn't the best I guess, I arrived late in the evening and the streets (E. Hasting) was packed with homeless people and that gave me a little strange feeling. The next morning, when I hit the streets it was raining cats and dogs, so also that didn't do any good to the city, but.......I found some gems. Walking into the Old Faithful Shop on Cordova Street made me smile again, beautiful products from the Hill-Side and bags from MAKR and Souhtern Fields, special tea from Bellocq etc. all packed in a great atmosphere. I love the canoe hanging from the ceiling. Next stop in Gastown was Inventory Stockroom on Powell Street. Which started some years ago as a web shop. As the rooms of the apartment soon became too small to stock the merchandise, they decided to open a store as well. You might know them from the magazine called Inventory. All this makes you hungry.....waiting in line to order the Sandwich Special of the day at Meat & Bread isn't a punishment, the sandwiches are great! A little away from Gastown on East Broadway you can find a store called Mr. Lee General Store. In a decor of antique props like a frame of a canoe, a Marlin, stuffed animals etc. you find not just clothes, but also coffee, magazines, bow ties, Pendleton blankets etc. When you plan a trip to Rain City be sure to bring some wellies and a rain jacket.

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