Seattle - Starbucks - Space Needle
Pike Place Market - watch out for flying fish
Living history
Ebbets Field Flannels
Blackbird in Ballard

Filson Store and Factory

The last stop on my trip was Seattle, the largest city in the Northwestern United States. Just 114 miles south of the Canadian border. Birthplace of Starbucks and Grunge music. It's great to visit Pike Place Market, but be aware of flying fish. Get in line for a cup of coffee in the first ever Starbucks or walk to another corner and get your coffee directly. Near Pioneer Square you find a shop called Ebbet's Field Flannels, here you can buy yourself baseball hats & jersey's of long gone teams. From here it ain't far to the Filson Factory and Flagship store on 4th Av. It's difficult not to buy a canvas bag or some Filson by Sebago boots. My last stop is Blackbird, located in the hip neighborhood Ballard. The store is filled with Filson bags, Aden shoes, Billykirk belts, Obey, A.P.C. etc. 

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