Empire Diner - New York, NY
11th Street Diner - Miami Beach, FL
Nifty Fifties Diner - Port Thownsend, WA
Rock & Roll Diner - Oceano, CA
Sally's Diner - Erie, PA
Scotty's Diner - Fort Worth, TX
101 Cafe - Oceanside, CA
Circle Diner - Latham, NY
Square Diner, New York, NY
Palace Diner - Hauppauge, NY
Denny's Classic Diner - Cortez, Co.

Americans love to eat and nothing could be finer than eating breakfast, lunch or dinner in an American Diner. On my travels to various parts of the States I love to have breakfast in one of those oldies myself as well. The first diner was created in 1872 by a man named Walter Scott, he sold food out of a horse-pulled wagon. The first manufactured lunch wagons with seating, appeared throughout the North eastern US in the late 19th century. As the number of seats increased, wagons gave way to pre-fabricated buildings in the heyday of the diners in the 1950s. We all know those streamlined buildings. The typical American diner serves mainly fried or grilled food, like fried eggs, bacon, hamburger, hash browns, waffles, pancakes etc. The food is usually quite inexpensive and cooked to order. I'm looking forward to next week when I will travel through the Rockies and hopefully can visited one or two of those All American Classics. (above you find some pics from my previous travels)

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