The London Undercover pop-up store was open for 4 weeks only and closed it's doors today. Situated at Monmouth Street @ Seven Dials, the perfect location for a pop-up store like this. Last Saturday I met Jamie Milestone in the store, who told me that they will close down for the season and looking for another spot for Fall, as fall is a great season for umbrellas even in a country which is known for their rainy days. The store contained not just umbrellas of the brand, but also fur felt Bowler hats, cashmere scarves and bags, which are handcrafted in England by John Chapman. London Undercover was established by Jamie in 2008 with the aim to turn around the umbrella and return to its rightful position as a fashion accessory. And so he did umbrellas with the map of London, an English Breakfast, Camo prints etc. Also some great collaborations with ACL, Carthart & Dutch pride Tenue Denim and more will come. Look forward to see Jamie back in the new Pop Up Store.

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