Taylor Supply Co. is founded by Christophe Hascoat, a native New Yorker, who exclusively designs and produce in New York City. Inspiration comes from clothes made in the 1930s to 1950s. That was a time of intense pride in industrial innovation, creation and craftsmanship. TSC embodies the ruggedness, minimalism, durability and functionality in their products, with a contemporary approach to styling and fit.
Quality is very important to the brand, which is why the garments are sewn in a small factory in Manhattan, New York in very limited quantities.  The Spring 2012 collection perfectly delivers on what a Spring collection should have: color and outerwear. The styling of the lookbook suggests that you can wear your clothes fresh out of the ash, all wrinkled or freshly pressed and ironed. Either or, the choice is yours as both options  give the clothes character and style.

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