Michael Nijhof is the proud and enthusiastic owner of the recently opened store MANN.
He started several years ago in the fastest growing city of Holland, called Almere. Soon he got the possibility to take over the store. But it's the same when you are moving into your girlfriends place, it ain't your furniture and your colors on the wall. When he got the opportunity this winter to move to another location, he took this chance with both hands. The store is filled with industrial fittings, for the wall units he used 10 meter long old beams from demolished houses. The jeans wall is build from old wooden ladders, and they make a perfect display for the collection of Red Seal, Lee and Edwin. Michael showed me a vintage Lee Overall and a vintage Lee Jeans and told me the story of it. He is proud to have brands with a story like, Lee, Edwin, Denham, Ralph Lauren, Stone Island and Sorel. Michael gave me a scoop, for Fall 2012, he selected a fine collection of GANT Rugger. (Ps Michael, don't forget the Buddy Lee's for me).

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