Archival staples: vintage fabric swatches and old-fashioned
sewing needles
Tools from another time: vintage tape measures and tailors'
rulers, the standard-bearer for precisely measured fabric and
pattern arrangements
Snapshots of the past: a pocket album (circa 1975) of classic
black and white photographs of New York City
Relics of a by-gone era: inspirational typography, taken from
old hotel laundry service tags
A homage to history 
The perfect patina: timeworn (and well-used)
 workbench clamps
Heirloom quality: antique tools and trimmings from the trade

J.Crew introducing Wallace & Barnes, a collection for men inspired by the traditional workwear, old military uniforms and classic outdoor gears. A few years back Frank Muytjens, head of J.Crew men's design team, was rummaging around an old antique shop upstate New York, where he stumbled upon a shoebox full of photos. When flipping through them, he came across a snapshot of two men fishing. Written on the back was only this: Wallace and Barnes, 1928 and a name was born. Click here for the collection of Wallace & Barnes.


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