Yesterday, under a blue and sunny sky the Varsity 128 took place. I was invited on the vip boat to see the battles of the different universities. Gijs Vermeulen, who wons 3 times the Varsity plus an Olympic medall give us a tour at the rowers area, where all the teams where in full concentration. He told us about the trainings schedules etc etc. The most important race of the day is called "De Oude Vier" (the old four) where the best 4 rowers of the university battle with eachother, I was invited to follow the race in the Royal Sloop which followed the 7 teams from behind. It was Nereus (Amsterdam) who beat the others for the 37th time. It looks like the whole university was in Houten and they all jumped naked with just their club tie into the Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal. What a day....... 

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