What's your size?
Charles H. Alden the founding father
Guisseppe Giovanelli master shoemaker (1927)
The masterpiece
Spring/Summer 2011 Collection shot by Tommy Ton
or built your own
but allways pamper them like a baby
or put them on a pillar
Bring them to me,
and I will wear them with my selvedge jeans.

This is my storybook of a shoe which is on the market since 1884, Alden shoes are made in Middleborough, Ma. New England. The brand has fans around the world, from the U.S.A. via Holland to Japan, there is a great blog called "the Agatine Eyelet, obsessed with Alden", And If you want to see  more pictures and a movie go to Epaulet. It is a rare find in The Netherlands, but Van Dijk Waalwijk, Frans Boone, Sluis and Shoes & Shirts, Maastricht can help you with a great pair of Cordovan's.

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