While the name Onassis brings to mind the rarefied world of scandalous shipping tycoons, a new men’s-wear line and store of the same name is out to change all that.
Located on Greene Street in SoHo, Onassis is a one-stop shop where any Tom, Dick or Ari can find anything from boxer briefs to sturdy outerwear. Eric Mancuso, the head of sales and marketing for the company, was anxiously putting finishing touches to the shop when The Moment stopped by last week. “We’re going for an old-New York feel,” Mancuso said, surrounded by a sea of handsome slim-line trousers, button-down shirts, coats and knitwear showcased alongside wooden crates, vintage mannequins and iron racks. “It’s back to the good old days, when things were simple and life was easy.” (see full text New York Times Magazine) This while be another stop on my shopping linst for next week.

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