Smith & Butler—probably the only store in Brooklyn you can walk out of with a handmade Billykirk belt, a locally-crafted Hill-Side tie, and a vintage Moto Guzzi motorcycle—opened almost a year ago on Smith Street. The brainchild of screenwriter/producer Jay Alaimo and Marylynn Piotrowski, a former model who also runs the Montauk surf store Tauk, the shop was founded with a particular kind of guy in mind—one who's into amping up can't-go-wrong American staples with a shot of rebellious attitude (think James Dean, or Marlon Brando in The Wild One). The store runs brands like, Levi's, Barbour, Belstaff, Wolverine boots, Filson bags etc.  So for this store I have to go to the otherside of the Hudson, via the Brooklyn Bridge. No problem, it's on my list and some more shops in Brooklyn. See this weekend!!!

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