At the end of the years 1940, wearied not to find a luminary adapted to his activity of general mechanics, Jean-Louis Domecq draws one of them.

After some trials and errors, the final drawing is fixed in April 1950. It perfectly corresponds to the requirement specifications fixed : simple, robust and articulated in order to adapt to all working stations. 
Extremely from this beautiful invention, he will spend the years 1951 1952 to industrialize the production. In 1953, he creates a compagny dedicated to the marketing of his lamp and whose his initial will form

the name:  Ji eL Dé. Now this French Industrial lamp is in a new and vintage condition a master piece in every room. They are far from being used just in a shed or a mill, they are a piece of "art".  Check www.jielde.com for the complete collection.

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